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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




CROC diät






get the picture?
































































Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















our little green planet


































































 WELCOME to the CROCTALES school

where everyone - including our four ducklings and the

Cookie-Mouse -

is having fun, while learning to spell, read and write.


We'll start with the letter A

. . . as in apple, angle (US: fishing rod, but there is no A in it)  and alligator.

Yes, our friend Croc is an alligator. How can you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? The snout of an alligator is rounded. A crocodile's snout is pointed and even when the mouth is closed you can see a crocodile's sharp teeth.

Do you know any more words starting with A?


(the month of) April, August

arrow,       Alien, astronaut,                 

art anchor


arm, asparagus, angel, academy, air, album, alley, aunt,


alarm clock,   architect,   agent,

athlete , ace




An author is somebody who writes a book, which brings us to the letter B

as in beach,


   balloon,  bananas, bag,



bow tie, band, beans,




  bell,   butterflies,  brush,



 broom, bucket, bubble,



baker, bell flower, bull horn,



bandana ,  barrel



bug,   bee, boat,


The person steering a boat is called CAPTAIN, which brings us to the letter C

as in cookies, chocolate, chain,

candle,  carrot , 



car,  cowboy,



 camera, cell phone,



 crane, computer, 


Christmas tree,  cake,



Cookie-Mouse  cheese, 



clam ,  cup fine china, coin


clothespin, clover, cook,


A cook prepares meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, which brings us to the letter d



duck dictionary, dollar,





A B C learn the CROCTALES alphabet by CROCTALES -Let's Croc! avilable as book, ebook and download at the blurb bookstore and at the Apple store (search for CROCTALES) |

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