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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




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Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















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We all know the economy is bad; but here at CROCTALES we found a way to make fun of it anyway...

Our EconCOMICAL Task Force has solutions for bad banks, the auto industry and much, much more.


EconCOMICAL Task Force # 1

CROCTALES stimulus package or "how to jump-start the auto industry"


Here's a hint: The best jump-start (battery)

won't help if your old clunker has a flat tire.....




EconCOMICAL Task Force, step # 2

Cleaning up the bank(s) while injecting liquidity

- but PLEASE without creating new bubbles....

(after the dot-com, internet, and real estate bubble, we've had enough hot air)


It's hard to clean-up the bank, when someone in a high position is firmly holding on to his seat......

EconCOMICAL Task Force, step # 3

Continuing to clean up the banking system

                           (bankster at work) removing all deposits

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they - and not the leaders of the government - control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."
Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815

EconCOMICAL Task Force, step # 4

Introducing New Accounting Practices


Squaring up after cooking the books

EconCOMICAL Task Force, step # 5

Feather-all* stress test


. . .for our banking system

How do you think it's done??? Scare tactics? Some banks got hit really hard. What about all those bouncing checks?


*unlike the Federal stress test, our test is performed exclusively by our feathered friends

EconComical Task Force, step # 6

Getting used to bank holidays


and finally: the result of our extended research

EconComical Task Force, step # 7

                     sometimes bankruptcies are unavoidable


After the stress test, some bank-ruptures might occur. You might need a cushion to avoid a hard landing in case of these bankruptcies. . . (Hey, we told you ducks can('t) spell!!!)

     For more financial and (more or less) legal CROCTALES click here

In tough economic times like these,

we're brushing up on some new business opportunities.

For more jobs check out DUCK TALK & the 2014 CROCTALES JOB FAIR

Trying our luck with acting in the new "Robin Hood" movie




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