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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




CROC diät






get the picture?
































































Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















our little green planet










































































CROCTALES has something for everyone, this page takes you on a trip around the world -  taken in a hot air balloon 2000/early 2001

take off in Florida

Croc and amigos in Mexico

off to EUROPE:         


gondola in VENICE

Venice, Italy not Ft. Lauderdale (the VENICE of America)

You are looking for more pictures and information about Italy?

Check out our new CROCTALES for KIDS -  Let's Croc! site about "odd-shaped" countries and states.

Discovering ASIA


next stop: CHINA 


 (ni hao)                            
Oops, we didn't notice your friend(s) there:
(nimen hao
(Hello to all of you)                     

南佛罗里达漫画大约一个鳄鱼,四面露鸭和 鼠标。美国漫画,玩耍中学习语言,双关语

(google translator)                       


next stop: AFRICA



In the background: Kilimanjaro -  Africa's highest mountain.            

visiting the pyramids in Aegypt

exploring the continent down under - AUSTRALIA

hosting the CROCTALES kangaroo rope jumping olympics

even further SOUTH - the South Pole

cool greetings from Antarctica

CROCTALES - Let's Croc!  MULTI-LINGUAL: Comic четырех уток, один из крокодиловой и мыши., CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic quattro anatre, un alligatore e il cookie mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic cuatro patos, un caimán y el "cookie" ratón, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! BD sur quatre canards, un alligator et la "cookie" souris.漫画四个鸭,鳄鱼和鼠标, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic τέσσερις πάπιες, ένα αλιγάτορα και το ποντίκι, コミック4アヒル、ワニやマウス, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic négy kacsa, egy alligátor és az egeret, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic čtyři kachny, jeden aligátor a myš, Comic fire ænder, en Alligator og  cookie musen, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic neljä ankat, alligaattori ja  cookie hiiri, Stripovi četiri patke, jedan aligator i miša, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic vier eenden, een alligator en de cookie Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic fire ender, en alligatoren og Cookie Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic quatro patos, um jacaré e os cookies Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic čtyři kachny, jeden aligátor a Cookie Mouse. CROCTALES - Ein Comic über vier freche Enten, einen Alligator und die Cookie Maus - Let's Croc!

back in the USA ....

heading to Everglades National Park

for a family reunion


winter 2002 - a trip to the CROCky Mountains


for more winter adventures check out


Winter Adventures 2002





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