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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




CROC dišt






get the picture?
































































Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















our little green planet
































































's all a bunch of CROC!


understanding CROCTALES sometimes requires the knowledge of

basiC ROCket science    

Mountain Rescue

aka heroiCROCk climbing

prehistoriCROCk art

at Newspaper Rock,

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Visiting the famous historiCROCks

at Mount Crushmore

First signs of spring: A tulip?

Naaa, just a CROCus

No need to wait for fall.

We've got CROCtoberfest all year long.



sceniCROCky Mountain view


Meet the


Our favourite kind of music??!?

ClassiCROCk, of course!

What do you think about our CROCking chair?


We've got our own CROC STAR

on Hollywood Boulevard

(in Hollywood, Florida)

Playing CROCet

or was that Croquet?


unlike knitting, CROCheting done with a hook

CROC around the clock

for more CROC-ing action and CROC art

check out CROC Jobs & Duck Talk

to meet the NAVYGATOR

 watch us trying to get a job starring in a soap opera.

In the meantime we are volunteering - building affordable housing (for birds)

and help out at the fire department.

Finally, we are trying our luck as bean counters

Let's Croc!


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Gratis Counter by GOWEB

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